Reviews for Strategies & Techniques for Stillwaters

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Denny Rickarts, 1-6-21

Just listened to your show on 1-6-21 and it was FANTASTIC. I really appreciate Denny sharing his vast knowledge with all the listeners. And you Roger for selecting Denny as a guest. I have been fishing stillwaters for 40 years and I can't tell you how much I learned tonight. Thanks again for a great show.
- Bruce Doern

stillwater fishing

FANTASTIC!!!!!! too bad i didn't know about him a long time ago.
- Edward Merchant

Denny Rickards

Very informative
- Rich Skilone

Stillwater Master

Denny is a great resource for fishing stillwater and is more than willing in sharing his knowledge from his many years of researching and fishing a type the water that baffles many experienced flyfishers. As he mentioned on the show, if you have any questions about technique or flies, he is more than willing to to provide his help by calling or emailing him. Along with the questions presented by the listeners and Denny's input, he answered most of the questions that puzzle fishing stillwater and shared his ideas on how he attacks new or familiar water. Great show!
- Rick Mai

Great show

The show was full of great information, I can apply the fishing for trout tactics to bass and pan fish. Great information on lines and water depths .
- Tim Weeks

Great show

The show was full of great information, I can apply the fishing for trout tactics to bass and pan fish. Great information on lines and water depths .
- Tim Weeks

Denny Rickards

Great show. Lots of new and informative strategies for fishing stillwaters.
- Al Goetz

So so

Speaker was obviously knowledgeable but rambled way to much. Don't care when he caught a fish. Stick to topic and answer questions.
- Richard Miles


The format Roger was great, each of the questions that Denny answered including mine helps me out a bunch this Spring. I have passed along the pointers to several of my friends. I am so pleased that I am going to save it and listen to it again once our mountain lakes thaw out. I will be looking forward to the next client! Thank You again, Carl Roepke
- Carl Roepke

interesting stories

Some interesting anecdotal information on fishing in shallow water with nymphs. I liked the parts on water depth control. I fish from shore and a float tube. I have had good luck fishing from shore when Damsel nymphs are coming to shore to hatch. In the early spring and late fall I find that shore fishing is quite productive, also during a storm when I don't want to be out in my tube.
- Frank Cada


Could listen to him twice a year, he has nonstop knowledge
- Mark

Denny Rickards - Stillwater

I would never miss a show with Denny. He shares good information. I have personally called him at home. It is remarkable that he shares his number and his time so graciously. Wish there were more like him and I would love to hear from Phil Rowley and or brian Chan....separately, not together A show about fishing the Parklands might be good
- John Robie


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