Reviews for Olympic National Forest Steelhead

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Great show

1st time listener. Really enjoyed the show. Do a lot of Steelhead fishing in Ontario
- Ted Harris

Olympic Steelhead

Great show. I used to fish the olympic peninsula 35 years ago. Sounds like a lot has changed but I really enjoyed the show.
- Kenneth W Bahr

Lael Johnson

Fantastic show, I always look forward to all these broadcasts. Roger does a great job interviewing the guests and gets out all the right information. I like that the show is 90 minutes with only a couple breaks. It's long enough to really cover the topics. Thanks, keep up the great work!
- Tom Meyer

Olympic National Forest Steelhead

Excellent show. Enjoyed listening to Lael very much. Very informative. Learned a lot of new tricks!!
- Steve Dalcin

Lael Johnson

5 Star rating. Interview was question and answer format. A lot of info was shared. It was a free flowing format. Introduced a lot of information on the environment and how to prepare. Great point was made, plan on a two day minimum trip to gather the most experience from the trip and guide’s expertise. Enjoy each podcast. R. Stanton
- Rich Stanton

Good interview

Well presented from both sides. I look forward to fishing w/ Lael.
- R Weiss

Olympic National Forest Steelhead

I found the broadcast to be professional and packed with information inspiring others to enjoy the sport of recreational & guided angling using a Spey rod. Fishing is our addiction, Guiding is our passion, Adventure is in our blood Gill McKean Avid angler, 28 years a guide in Northern BC Skeena Region.
- Gill

Olympic National Forest Steelhead

I listened to a replay of the show and really enjoyed it. The question regarding MOW tips and what the acronym means. They were developed by Mike McCunne (M), Scot O'Donnell (O), and Ed Ward (W). As Lael explained they are 10' at different sink rates. The floating sections are either 2 1/2', 5', or 7 1/2' with a corresponding sink tip 7 1/2', 5', or 2 1/2', respectively. They were developed to fish various depths without having a full 10' tip getting hung-up on the bottom. Also, I read and article recently regarding the negative affect of hatchery steelhead on the OP rivers. In fact one river (can't remember which) has removed the hatchery and the number of wild steelhead returning has increased significantly. It might be an interesting topic for a future show given the declining return rates on most of he OP rivers. The area is more beautiful than described so if you ever get a chance to go - do it.
- John P Fay


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