Reviews for Tying Streamers: Tips and Techniques

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Great hearing Charlie again

Another great show. Charlie knocked it out of the park... again.
- Larry Ydens

Charlie Craven on streamers

what a great and informative show..enjoyed it and learned a few tips.. Keep up the good work.
- Kenneth Bahr

Craven Streamers

Good show.
- Bob Gillespie

Craven is the best!

I really enjoy every time you have Charlie on the show. He is knowledgeable, of course, but also very articulate and a great speaker. I learn a ton about tying flies from Charlie, and I would rank him in the top five among all of the guests that you have had on the show.
- Craig Myers

Charlie Craven

Excellent. One of the best. Charlie has a lot of knowledge about the subject and is willing to always share his experience and insight. I'm glad his new business location is working out for him. Great fly shop.
- Steve Bush

C Craven

Excellent info and presentation. And since I did not win the book, I ordered one - from Amazon.
- Bob Nunn

Charlie Craven

Charlie is a phenomenal tier he is so intimidating I am always nervous asking him a question in his amazing shop. I enjoyed him on your show exceptionally.
- Walter Welty

Craven streamers

Always great questions / great discussion / best FF PODCAST. The subject matter is not always of particular interest to me including streamers however as usual WELL DONE
- Stan Takami

Wonderful interview

Charlie Craven is not only is one of the best and most innovative fly tyers but also shares what fishes well. Wonderful interview.
- Dave Dillon

Tying Streamer, Tips and Techniques

Charlie Craven did an excellent job presenting the material. It's difficult to understand how someone can know so much about a subject. I guess that is because that is his life. Appreciate the show and the information. Thank you.
- John Rieder


You did a great job with Charlie Craven on the last show. Great stuff, and thank you!
- Charles Card


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