Reviews for Adaptive Fly Fishing: Strategies for Diverse Water Types

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Lance Eagan

Great show, You and Lance were very helpful and kept the show interesting
- Phil Cox

Adaptive fishing strategies

This was one of the most informative shows you have had on. Lance Egan knows his craft and is very willing to share his fishing knowledge. You should have him on again.
- Ed Constantini

Lance Egan

Lance is a terrific fly fisher and teacher. He is super knowledgeable on all types of water and weather related circumstances. He is generous and patient in the delivery of his fly fishing lessons. The information he provided during the podcast was very informative. Hoping that you have more guests of his caliber.
- Blake Glasser

Lance Egan

Whatever the topic the show always is extremely thorough The question for me is whether the topic is of interest Would have liked more discussion re dry flies but I am sure listeners have more varied topics to be discussed As usual the guest was very knowledgeable on a wide variety of FF topics
- Stan Takami

Lance Egan

Excellent. He was up front and very knowledgeable about the subject. Presented the ideas and thoughts very well in the short timeframe of the program.
- Steve Bush

Lance Egan

Lance is very articulate. He is a very rare individual. He has a heart of a teacher.
- Greg Kiefer

Great show

Good show for anyone who flyfishes.
- James Bissell


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