Reviews for Tailwaters of the Uncompahgre River

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Outstanding. I cant wait for social distancing to work, so I can head up that way !!
- Larry Ydens


Good show. It had parts a little above my level of fishing, flys ties, but overall very good work.
- Robert Cleveland


Another place to dream about going during this pandemic.
- Larry Ydens

Best show yet

Great show!
- Matt Fugazzi

Great Info

Very knowledgeable, I enjoyed his advice and experience
- Jim Bissell

Tailwaters of the Uncompahgre

I really enjoyed Matt’s presentation of this river I have never heard of. He has a unique approach to guiding and he explained it very well. Matt is a good speaker and was full of energy. It makes me want to travel to fish this river, which is sign that Matt did a good job of telling us about it.
- Craig Myers


Questions are always well prepped and are the same questions that any future visitor would ask to determine if the area meets the needs of that listener. As usual very well done. The show would be difficult to improve on. GREAT. WELL DONE
- Stan Takami

Ridgway Reservoir

The fishing discussion was very useful in understanding the tailwater at "Paco". Matt is not correct, however, about the reservoir construction. No town was inundated by the reservoir. According to the project documents, nine farm families were relocated from the basin. He mentioned the town of Divide, which is alive and well in Teller County.
- John H. McClow

Tailwaters of the Uncompahgre River

I am not one who uses the service of a professional guide because in the past I have not had great experiences with them. Matt seemed to be saying that if you want to caught big trout on this small tailwater you have to use him and have him bring along his ladder so he can tell you where to fish and exactly how to fish for these big fish. I did not feel that there was any sort of normal fishing available on this river. This seemed strange to me. I wanted to hear about the river and understand how the normal Joe can fish it. Matt suggested that you can only fish it with him as a guide because there is little or no public access to the river and only he knows what to do. I am sure Matt is a very nice person but his presentation was not very interesting, at least to me. I love your shows
- Bruce Van Horn


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