Reviews for Sheepshead On The Fly In Southwest Florida

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Sheepshead on the Fly with Codty Pierce

Great show. I think Codty's discussion of observing sheepshead to figure out a plan for success can apply to other species.
- Phil Riley

Sheepshead Review

Captain Codty shared a ton of great knowledge. Fantastic to hear him speak so long about this wonderful eating fish!
- Matt Fugazzi


Very good show and good info on this type of fishing and this fish. I have been to Sanibel several times so this was helpful. Thanks
- Paul Heatwole

Sheepshead on the Fly

Capt. Codty's info was very clear and very helpful. There was so much of it that a second "chapter" might well be appropriate. He could have included much more in the way of fly patterns, colors, hook sizes than he was able to deliver. However, time constraints necessitated him being restricted insofar as what he still had to share. Overall, enjoyable and very thorough. Invite him back for more.
- Geraldo


I really enjoyed this show, and almost didn’t listen because I didn’t think it would be! Codty is very informative I could listen to him again.
- Jim Bissell

Sheepshead On The Fly

Great topic and speaker, I would like more on saltwater flyfishing
- Scott DeWees

Sheep head On The Fly

Enjoyed the topic and Codty’s concise information
- Wayne Johnson


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