Reviews for The Upper Columbia River's Unmatched Tailwater

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Columbia Rvr

Very informative and interesting show. Stirred my interest about this big river.
- Richard Skilone

Don't miss a show

I make it a point to listen to each show. I may never get to fish the area being discussed, but every show is an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and perhaps get an idea that I can apply locally. Roger does a great job of getting his guests to share their knowledge. Kelly convinced me that I need to add the Upper Columbia River to my list of places to eventually fish.
- Phil McCartney


Great you did a good informative job you deserve some rolls of tp
- Doug

Columbia River

I was amazed at the size of the Columbia and the knowledge it takes to be fishing this river. Being from Colorado I thought the Yellowstone was a huge river but how wrong I was. I enjoyed his expertise lots but not my cup of tea compared to stream fishing. Thank you for the show to broadening my knowledge of fishing.
- Walter Welty


my interest centers around my style of FF dry fly trout western Rocky Mountain . regardless of any show in particular I find the questioning to be right on asking what I would ask so every show is well done so it depends on whether the topic is in my general wheelhouse . VERY INTERESTING SHOW AS USUAL -- somewhat out of my area of travel but topic precisely in my wheelhouse
- Stan Takami

Fantastic Guide and Info

I learned much that I did not know about the Columbia - like the only resident fish in this upper section is the rainbow. Kelly is an incredibly knowledgeable guide with much needed experience for this huge volume of River. I would hire him in a second if we make it up there!
- Matt Fugazzi


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