Reviews for Fly Fishing The Texas Hill Country

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Texas hill country

I very much enjoyed the show as I do most of your shows. I do appreciate the efforts you go through to bring these programs to all of us Thank you.
- Walter Welty

Fly fishing texas hill country

Definitely enjoyed the conversation tonight. Chris was enthusiastic and informative. The diversity of fish available had not been on my radar.
- Tim Keller

Great Show

Great show! Really got me interested fly fishing in TX (and bbq).
- Leigh Smith

Hill country Texas

I wrote this early but I received your request and decided to do it again. The program was so interesting it cause me to search the whole area around his city on Google. I must tell you though I really enjoy most all the programs you produce. You are able to secure many quality guest. It must be challenging to accomplish this show after show. Thank you. Walter.
- Walter Welty

Texas Hill Country

Almost makes me want to go to Texas. Really like Chris' enthusiasm for the sport! Keep up the good work.
- Rick Paaske

Winter fishing on Brushy Creek

Great show with Chris Johnson. Was hoping for more winter tips on Central Texas waters.
- Larry Van Meter


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