Reviews for Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and Techniques

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The information and enthusiasm that George shared about tight line nymphing helped me develop a better understanding of the direction I need to go to improve my success. Thanks.
- Tim Keller

George did an excellent job, his descriptions painted a clear picture in my mind. And you asked good and interesting questions and enjoyed the program.
- Danny Rock

Outstanding. I’ve got both of George’s books and looking forward to listening again but this time taking notes.
- Jim lewis

One of the best yet. Super informative and helpful
- Kurt Klussmann

I bought his (GD) new book when it first came out and read it more than once, but I still had a number of questions. Your interview provided me with all the answers I was looking for. It was simply a great show and I know I will listen to it a few more times. Great interview -- very well done!

Very good show on the different aspects of tightline/indie nymphing. George Daniel's is very knowledgeable and instructive.
- Rich Skilone

As always, excellent teaching by George Daniel. His explanations are crystal clear yet it certainly helps to have experience in the techniques he discusses otherwise important details may be missed by the listener. For example, I've read his first book and others by Egan and Olsen as well as their videos. However, one key point that George mentioned here was how strike detection with light leaders and flies is seen with the sighter and not normally felt due to the lack of tension. Therefore he says (and I paraphrase here) "watch the sighter move and dance and when it stops or hesitates a take is occurring". This point is easily missed I think. His emphasis on the importance of casting in able to maintain control of the fly dropping in the current is another nugget. As fisherfolk eager to learn new techniques we are very fortunate to have George and the others to lead the way. Thank you for having him on your podcast.
- Paul M

I listen fairly regularly to the show and the interview with George Daniel was one of the most informative along with Landon Mayer and Duane Redford. Some, like the previous show, guests don't speak into their phones or have good sound. Find a way to improve that.
- Rip Woodin

Something Really Special

This was one of the most interesting podcasts about fly fishing I've ever listened to. George is a joy to listen to. I'll be listening to this one again in the near future. More than once..... Great stuff. Thanks for doing it!
- Ron McNeal


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