Reviews for Fighting and Landing Trout

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Roger- I was not able to listen to the show live, but did get to it this morning. I sent in the question about hook setting, and truly appreciated the answer. There are a variety of circumstances for setting the hook, and nearly all were covered. The comment on using a compact motion to set the hook on nymph fishing to keep the fly in the fishing zone was the advice that I will attempt next time I am out. If it gets me one fish more it will confirm that the instruction I have received from your programs is of great value. In addition to that -the show was full of enlightening and valuable information. Kurt provided clear answers and advice that I am going to be using regularly on the streams and lakes I fish. It is amazing how much material you guided him through in 90 minutes. Thanks again for your show,
- Tim Keller

This was very helpful in terms of giving me things to think about and apply to my fishing. Great interview!
- Jim Bissell


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