Reviews for Lesser Known Fly Fishing Venues in South Park

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I helped Michele plant some willows on the dream stream. She is wonderful. I will stop by the shop and get her book. Very informative. Thank you.
- Tom Chalupsky

I just got freed up to listen to your interview with Michelle about the South Park fisheries. I thoroughly enjoy this show as this is one of the areas on my To-Do list. I retired at the end of 2017 and relocated to Edwards, CO year round and I have a lot of places to fish. After listening to Michelle, I made a bookmark of her shop’s web site and definitely will reach out to her when the trip develops. It sounds like maybe next January may be a good time, according to Michelle. Thanks again and keep up the great guests. Roger
- Roger

Really interesting and informative, I ordered her book, as I am driving right pass these area, hope it has more details than most books about the south platte area. I will stop into her shop and check it out when I go to the canyon.
- Richard George

This is by far the best podcast for those living and visiting Colorado. Great questions by both Roger and listeners. Thank you Michelle for this very useful information, I'll be picking up your book shortly!
- Mark Rocheleau

Michelle was an absolute delight! Her knowledge of not only the fishing in South Park, but of the geology, history and ecology was amazing. I could have listened to her for another hour and a half. (And, I think she'd have been glad to talk for length of time, as well! Methinks the lady doth protest too much that she lives in the boonies because she doesn't like people. haha!) Thanks for having her as your guest!
- Joyce Deming

Michele was VERY GENEROUS in her mentioning many little hidden gems. I used to fish that area frequently before Michele opened her shop [[ do not fish anymore ]] and wish she was around then to steer me in the right direction --- very happy to hear about an ole favored area.
- Stan Takami

Excellent presentation, lots of detail. Plan to use her guide service this summer during my visit to Colorado and will be ordering her new book.
- Wayne Johnson

hi-i own and operate the mt angler in breckenridge since day 1985-i also started the first guide service in summit county in 1977. i am also the author of fly fishing colorado- my thoughts about the show were mixed-i think the Michele was good especially about her knowledge of the geology-fens-etc. From my perspective i’m glad she didn’t mention all the other secrets of s. park-maybe there are more secrets in her book-that i plan to buy.this is the first time i’ve listened to your show and liked the format-i see my brother taylor has done a show with you -that i will plan on listening to-i would entertain doing a show if you want depending on the subject-
- Jackson Streit

Excellent. And timely for my plans.
- Curt Mueller


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