Reviews for Kamchatka's Wild Rainbows

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I enjoyed the podcast very much. Really good. I appreciate your asking my emailed question about S. America vs Kamchatka. Could have easily been ducked for being too in-your-face to your guest.... So, thanks. The other questions were also germain to helping the listner get a feel for the trip.... I've spoken to Will at the Seattle-area FlyFishingShow before and will again in a month or so. I enjoyed Will's honesty and stories about the experience. Getting closer to taking the safety off & pulling the trigger..... I think this is one of those opportunities where, at the end of one's life, one would look back, smile, and say, "Good decision....."
- Ron McNeal

Roger: outstanding job allowing Will free rein to get the heart of his message out there. You showed remarkable restraint holding back your natural enthusiasm to interrupt with questions. Far better than I could have, I'm sure. Tell Will he did a wonderful job of painting the picture I needed to see whether Kamchatka should be in my future. And I now know Russia needs to be in my gameplan. I will be looking forward to more of your thoughtfully planned speakers. Kudos, Roger.
- Bruce Granquist

If the actual fishing experience is half as good as Will described, it would still be phenomenal. Thanks for all the honest and straightforward info. It's just too pricey a trip for me, and as Will said, I'm no Spring chicken either
- geraldo vidergar


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