Reviews for Mastering the Nymph

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This was a great show! Lots of information I had not even thought of. Very thoughtful and insightful. I have not been on in a while because Eastern time is on a little late, when you have to get up early, but I do use the archive and am glad you make those shows available so I can listen in when I can. Thanks for another great show!
- Dave Hudak

I really enjoy receiving another perspective to fly fishing. I always allow myself to apply any and all information to enhance my fly fishing experiences. All the secrets that are shared are priceless....thanks for this program!!!!
- jimmy lamb

Very informative, John's explanations of leaders and their use was excellent and plainly spoken. I plan on buying his book.
- Edward Constantini

WOW - there was a lot of great information presented that I hadn't even thought of. Jason obviously gleaned a lot of information from the other experts he fished with and was more than willing to share with us. Also, you and your listeners had some great questions for him. I was glad I tuned in as it living in the east, it is not always easy to stay up that late if I have to be up early. But....thanks to the archived programs, I can catch up on them. Great Show, Great Venue. Thanks!!
- Dave Hudak

Roger, I can't say enough about your contribution to the flyfishing world. I listen to episodes several times learning something I missed previously. It would be helpful if when a product, email, website, material, or anything resourceful be repeated again during the conversation. Thank you for your time and service.
- Barry Demmers

One of the best shows ever. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and conveys concepts very clearly.
- Gene Cyprych

In depth information from a knowledgeable angler/author. Great comments regarding other experts opinions.
- Richard Roessler

I enjoyed listening to Jason discuss humphing. I found it very informative. Some of his ideas have immediately influenced my nymphing strategies. Many of his thoughts on indicators prompted me to change when and how I used them. After listening, I ordered his newest book and am looking forward to more insights. Thank you for providing the opportunity to listen and improve my skills.
- Bob Fleischer

Very informative.
- Bill Heffner

Some good information, and a nice promotional to the book. I will want to buy the book at this point. You learn when you are on the Water. I have a love/hate relationship as to Strike Indicators. I think Hank Roberts created the nicest weighted Nymph Leader with Indicator. At the same time when I was a youngster, I learned to feel what was going on with the Nymph, and the Fish Take (no Indicator). The more you are on the Water, and the more years you Fly Fish, the more you learn.
- John Larson

There was a lot of good information. This is one that needed another 30 minutes to cover everything.
- Bernie Robidart


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