Reviews for Silver Creek - The Crown Jewel Of Western Spring Creeks

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I happen to know Silver Creek through volunteering for The Nature Conservancy and have had random conversations with John Huber at the Picabo Store/Angler. I found myself nodding frequently at his spot on answers and his perspective about fishing Silver Creek. It is a great place and needs people like John.
- Douglas Little

I very much enjoyed the show. John communicated great information that should be useful wherever I fish. He also clearly seemed like someone I would be pleased to count as a friend. I asked about snook, and his answer made it clear that he gets a thrill out of fishing for them. May we all continue to keep the child inside us alive and well; ready to be thrilled.
- Phil McCartney

I thought it was a great show, Very informative I have tried to fish this water and was unsuccessful it gave me a lot of new ideas
- Terry Martin

One of the best, informative, interesting and something I've always wanted to know about-the life of a guide
- Jim Bissell

I listened to the entire 1 hour-plus of the podcast. Lazzari is a truely committed, flexible, pleasant young man pursuing his desire being a cog in the fly fishing industry. For sure he has the proper attitude and patience interacting with doubt an extremely hard-worker...most especially in Alaska. He wasn't much of a conversationalist and you did a great job of keeping him focused eliciting his knowledge of being a fly fishing. I admit I was disappointed that you didn't use the question I submitted relative to the pro/con of being an independent, wading guide not affiliated with a shop, lodge or outfitter.
- frank pisciotta

It was helpful. I will occasionally hire a guide if I'm bringing someone new or in a new area. I got insight knowing what is in the guides mind and what both mine and their expectations are for the day.
- Edward Hovsepian


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