Reviews for Wet Flies

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Great show as usual-learned about many new patterns to tie.
- Bill Reynolds

Great show with Dave Hughes. Lots of useful information and the time just zipped by.
- Douglas McLean

Great show! You even got to my question and Dave provided the answers I was looking for. It was fun plus I learned a lot. I plan on tuning in some more.
- Bob O'Donnell

Learned several things about soft-hackles, Dave's favorite flies to have in his box, and your discussion.
- Billy Reynolds

Dave Hughes always delivers...
- Larry Ydens

I thought the presentation was fastastic. Great knowledge, expressed his thoughts well, and was entertaining. I would like to invite him as a guest speaker to our club's monthly members meeting in the future.
- wayne johnson

Dave's humility and expertise were evident in the show. I appreciate his informative and efficient responses. timk
- Tim Keller

Outstanding show! Good update from earlier show - good tactical info and rationale for using it. Discussion of new methods, euro wet fly, was intriguing - will probably buy his updated book even though I have the earlier version!!
- Dino Raptis

That was a fantastic show! Dave Huges' is amazing and his calm and direct way of explaining is appreciated!
- Freda Lujan-Moss

Excellent show. Dave Hughes has a ton of information and insights on this often neglected method of fly fishing.
- Frederic Thorner

I have copies of the 1st and 2nd editions of Dave's books on wet flies, as a consequence I was familiar with much of what Dave talked about. I'm pleased Dave's advocacy for wet fly fishing was aired, as I believe wet fly fishing is not as popular as nymph fishing.
- Roger Campbell

As usual, a very interesting show. I fish wets often, and Mr.Hughes' insights were very welcome. I wish I had his expertise. Many thanks.
- Doug Ritz

Very good info. Dave's basic approach is spot on.
- Paul Sammons

One of the best will purchase the new book.
- Dayton Keller

Well done. this was/is my year to fish wets, you helped me fine tune my fishing. Thank you. Oh ya I'm buying the book.
- George Hall

Great show. Lots of detail. I have set in on Davy Wooten's seminars on wet flies and love to fish them and always interested in learning more about it. Only thing he really didn't talk about was the fly line. I know Davy really emphasizes the suppleness of the line. Thanks for what you do.
- William Andrews

Excellent My Favorite .
- Bill Thomas

As always, I enjoyed the show. Some shows seem more relevant to the sort of fly fishing I normally do than others, but I consistently find ideas that can be applied to the problems I need to solve where I fish. I also get ideas about new places to go to fish. As my generation looks to retirement, I think more men and women are going to do more fly fishing than ever before whether it is close to home or far away from home. They are going to want to learn where, when, and how to spent their time on the water. You folks make a significant contribution toward preparing listeners to make the best use of their time.
- Phil McCartney

This was by far one of the best yet, love Dave and all the great info he passes along.
- Steve Babbitt

I thought it was a great interview. It was interesting to find out that traditionally wet flies are only fished in the top foot or two of hthe water column. I swing a lot of flies and definitely enjoyed reading Daves book. I learned a lot and as always enjoyed the podcast. Keep up the good work.
- Mike Williams

Dave Hughes presentation's are always very good but he needs to work more on brevity and clarity!
- Scott W. Nelson

Roger, I really enjoyed the show and would be interested in a future broadcast featuring a discussion of "selective"trout/match-the-hatch vs. simple flies/presentation camp. I am fascinated by this subject, since I have a biology/natural history/ecology background. And how about getting Bob Wyatt of sometime. I thought his recent book, "What Trout Want" was excellent. Thanks.
- Charles Andre


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