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Great show. Definitely have Morgan back!
- silas gray

I thought the show with Morgan Lyle was Excellent!!! This is the first time I've tuned into your show and will be a regular in the future.
- Frank Williams

Morgan was interesting, clear spoken and has the ability to "verbally paint a picture". I sat there listening and thinking that he could probably describe the fly and I'd be able to accurately tie it. I haven't seen his book yet, but I've always thought that Walt's Worm was really an Americanized version of Frank's killer bug. I've been fishing a version of Loren Williams suped-up Walt's Worm here on the Colorado Front Range, and have found that a size 14 jig of that pattern has worked on Clear Creek and the Big Thompson right below the dam - when all the reports were saying to go small. Thanks for a great show. Hope to be able to meet you at FRA some day.
- Jim Faber

The show was awesome. It was great to hear from a veteran. You always seem to get bits and pieces of very important tricks of the trade that are useful in your own fishing environment.
- Richard Gilliam


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