Reviews for Terrestrials

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Excellent interview Roger, Thanks Roger
- Walt Cole

Great show and Rick is always an interesting interview.
- Terry Little

Rick is excellent--we are fortunate to have him real close. I would like him to speak on still water fishing with chironamids!
- Philip Sock

Rick is always great !
- Larry Ydens

Great show. Very good discussion and the questions were very informative.
- Gene Cyprych

Really liked the humble beginning stories, as I think many of us can really connect with those. Rick's passion/fanaticism about materials and presentation was great!
- Wayne Deptuck

I could not listen live so I went back and listened a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed this one and learned a ton from Rick. I've only heard of him but didn't know a lot about him. His knowledge is incredible and he seems like a very genuine person. The show made me look up his patterns and I'm now going to get his terrestrial book. That's a true sign of a good guest to me. Thanks Roger and Rick.
- Craig Myers

This was a great show. Gary is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge. I always enjoy listening to him
- bill heffner


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