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Great show, can't believe I missed by a second. but I am getting the book on my kindle right now. Love Landon's emails and this was a great show overall. Lots of helpful information in a good range of topics
- Thomas Murphy

Landon gave us good details on fishing. The questions picked were excellent, and covered subject thoroughly.
- Kemper Eagle

I thought the program was very informational. Always like to know what works in different areas and situations.
- Bernie Blakley

Louts of good questions and Landon was very informative
- Andy Burnett

I've listened and been member for almost a year now. I love listening, and listened Thursday night. I thought Landon gave great insight and ideas. Loved the show. I feel like it greatly improves my knowledge and understanding of how to be a better fly fisherman. If I had a suggestion, remind the people speaking that they need to speak directly in to the mic. It's muffled frequently, but it's great otherwise.
- Bryce Ballif

Interesting show, thank you for interviewing him.
- Walt Cole

He is great
- Mark Johnston

Great show as usual. Landon had many helpful techniques and suggestions that I will use on the water. Thanks Great Show.
- Bill Reynolds

Fabulous, packed with great info
- Richard Roessler

Landon comes across as a great guy and very willing to share his tips and techniques.
- Doug McLean

Fabulous, practical information from an expert. More of these interspersed with the usual destination talks !
- Richard Roessler

Enjoyed the show. A very informative speaker.
- gene cyprych

Landon does a very exceptional job of explaining and discussing various conditions and topics of flyfishing.
- Jim Bissell

Great show lots of info.
- Richard George


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