Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing: a Guide for Still Waters

By Ron Newman

Provides serious anglers with a fresh look at their prey & their sport. Directed at fly fishing for insectivorous Rainbow Trout in pristine lakes, but is useful to all trout anglers regardless of their choice of tackle or location. Color insert; 6x9 inches, 284 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-57188-439-4

EAN: 978-1-57188-439-8

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 10/07/2008

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Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

Starting in 1976, Ron Newman has kept detailed records of virtually anything that may have affected the fishing on a certain day, including: weather, water, fish activity, hatches, moon position, fishing successes. But for Ron, all of this data just brought up more questions, so he spent 25 years also researching books, articles, research papers, Internet sites, and so on. This book is the result of Ron's meticulous studies of the rainbow trout; whatever you'd like to know about rainbow trout and fishing for them is in this book!

Over 30 years of research and data collections to provide you with:

* Aquatic entomology, including hatch graphs
* Bug availability by moon position
* Motivators and behavior patterns of rainbows
* Rainbow trout physical and sensory abilities, etc.

Plus, you will discover the answers to many questions, such as:

* How well do rainbows see, hear and smell?
* What is the "Schreckstoff Factor"?
* What are the visual trigger and the visual window?
* What bugs do rainbows eat and when?
* How important is color to the angler?
* How does the lateral line system work?
* What is an attractor fly and how should it be retrieved?

In addition, you are provided with numerous tips, quips and bits of interesting information. Most readers will refer back to this book many times over the coming years.

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