Prince Nymph

Designer: Doug Prince

The Prince Nymph is often referred to as one of the best attractor nymphs of all time right up there with the Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail nymphs. It doesn’t imitate any specific insect but can work for a stonefly in the larger sizes and as a mayfly nymph in smaller sizes. It can be fished at just about any time as a point fly, lead fly or a dropper. If you need a bit of weight to get it a bit deeper try using a Prince Nymph Beadhead or Prince Nymph Tungsten Beadhead. It works in all types of water and during any season.


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The Prince Nymph was developed by Doug Prince in the 1930s. It was based upon a fly designed by two brothers, Don and Dick Olson called the 'Brown Forked Tail'. Doug was not a well know fly tier at that time as he primarily tied just for himself and a few friends. One of those friends Buz Buszek was selling flies at the time and was putting together a catalog of his flies. He wanted to include Doug's fly but couldn't remember or forgot what Doug had named the fly. Since he was in a rush to get the catalog done he decided to name it the 'Prince Nymph'. The name stuck and has been known by that name ever since by thousands of fly fishers.

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