Practical Fly Tying Video Course, Part 5: Trout Wetflies

By Mike Maxwell

Video series will allow first time flytyers to proceed at their own pace through all necessary and preliminary steps before starting to tie the flies. Simple and refined methods of teaching make it easy to learn from this series. Videos show how to: Choose and adjust tools; select and prepare materials; make all necessary thread procedures; select simple patterns; know correct fly proportions and practice intelligently. Seven part series - Part 1 - 3 for beginners; Part 4 &5 intermediate; Part 6 & 7 advanced. 42 - 54 minutes.


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Beginners - occasional - and intermediate flytiers are often misled or discouraged by the mass of flytying videos available today.

Most current videos are aimed at the already skilled tyers and feature big name anglers and so-called professional tyers who rely more on their personal magnetism than on their instructional skills.

The unwary beginner who does not know how to:
•Choose and adjust tools
•Select and prepare materials
•Make all necessary thread procedures
•Select simple patterns
•Know correct fly proportions
•Practice intelligently
................usually loses interest or does not enjoy flytying.

To make matters worse, most videos have been shot by commercial video companies who do not understand flytying or whose cameras are too large - for close up work - or do not allow shooting from the tyer's side.

This method will allow first time flytyers to proceed at their own pace through all necessary preliminary steps before starting to tie the flies.

They can then continue step-by-step from basic simple - to intermediate and advanced fly patterns by a continuing series of short videos.

Intermediate and skilled tyers can enter the program at any level or drop back or proceed if desired.

The emphasis will be on simple, easy and fast to tie patterns for fishing. All materials will be inexpensive and readily available.

As all tying procedures are shot with a digital camera mounted on the tyer's right shoulder, it gives the impression that the viewer is tying the fly - extremely close up, making small flies fill the video screen. Assuming that the viewers are reasonable intelligent and dedicated, they are introduced to the basic preliminary procedures of flytying and then shown how to tie the featured patterns. The emphasis is on the beginner understanding and successfully completing each stage before proceeding to the next lesson. More experienced tyers will find many unique and valuable tips to add to their skills.


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