Pocket Guide to Nymph Fishing

By Ron Cordes & Gary LaFontaine

Presents the four types of mayflies (Clingers, Burrowers, Crawlers, and Swimmers addressing for each their primary characteristics, their habitat, key Genus, imitations, and Critical Angling Considerations. The same is presented for stoneflies and caddisfly larva. How nymphs make themselves “available” as food sources, where the trout lie, nymphing signs, key strategies and techniques/presentations are presented. Included in techniques are Right-Angle Nymphing with an Indicator, the Skues Method, the Brooks Method, the Leisenring Lift (Induced Take), the Slinky Method and the Tuck Cast Presentation among others. Key patterns are also presented. Waterproof. B/w drawings; 3x4 inches, 28 pgs.


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This Guide is one in the Fly-Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total fly-fishing titles.

What you really need to know, when you really need it! Pocket Guides are fully illustrated, waterproof, spiral bound, pocket-sized plastic books jam packed with critical information from field experts. World renowned Pocket Guides have had an international almost cult-like following for over ten years. Join the experts and carry Pocket Guides for all your recreational sports, hobbies and emergency needs.

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