Pocket Guide to Dry Fly Fishing

By Ron Cordes and Gary LaFontaine

A complete analysis of this exciting method of fly fishing. This Guide contains sections on Trout Vision, trout Feeding Characteristics, Factors that Trigger the Take, the Rise Process, a presentation of the 5 key Dry Fly Categories, a discussion of Mayfly Pattern Types, and Attractor Pattern Types, Leaders, the effect of weather and temperature, 11 proven strategies, Feeding Locations, Mayfly hatch charts, along with other insightful information. Waterproof. B/w drawings; 3x4 inches, 28 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9711007-1-3

EAN: 978-0-9711007-1-8

Binding: Spiral-Plastic Cards

Publish Date: 14/01/1999

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This Guide is one in the Fly-Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total fly-fishing titles.

What you really need to know, when you really need it! Pocket Guides are fully illustrated, waterproof, spiral bound, pocket-sized plastic books jam packed with critical information from field experts. World renowned Pocket Guides have had an international almost cult-like following for over ten years. Join the experts and carry Pocket Guides for all your recreational sports, hobbies and emergency needs.

Virtually indestructible and completely indispensible, Pocket Guides are perfect for enthusiasts and gift giving. Select from Sports/Hobbies, Fishing and Emergency Assistance titles.

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