Perfecting the Cast: Adapting Casting Principles for Any Fly-fishing Situation

By Ed Jaworowski

Based on Ed’s six decades of fishing for more than one hundred fresh and saltwater species, this is a book for all fly fishers, so that whatever fishing situation, whatever rod, whether on a stream, in a boat, offshore, onshore, or wading, the fly fisher understands what the aim is—to deliver the fly to the fish—and is able, because of an understanding of how casting works and what needs to happen, to make the cast and get the fish. 58 Color Illus.; 305 Color Photos; 8.5x11 inches, 224 pgs.


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Ed Jaworowski has spent his life learning, practicing, understanding, teaching, perfecting, and writing about casting. He is an acclaimed and widely recognized expert of the subject with an exhaustive list of credentials. This, his third book, is his tour de force. Filled with his 60+ years of casting wisdom, it explains the four principles of casting which if understood can be adapted to meet any and every specific fishing condition. Instead of telling you what to do, how to stand, how to grasp the rod, where to start and end the stroke, and how to move the rod, Ed teaches the first few things that all casts have in common—those principles—and then shows how to apply those fundamentals in endless ways. He covers casting theory and mechanics and then explains how to analyze and diagnose casts.


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