Murder on Tillamook Bay

By Mark Miller

Tricia Gleason, homicide detective turned Tillamook Bay fishing guide, returns to the gumshoe life to solve the mysterious deaths of locals near & dear to her. 6x9 inches, 204 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-936702-10-X

EAN: 978-1-936702-10-7

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/07/2011

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Tricia Gleason buried her career as a homicide detective. Not all by her choice, but as a fishing guide on Tillamook Bay and the rivers around Tillamook, Oregon, her world now consists of trolling cut-plugged herring in the fall for Chinook salmon and bouncing eggs in the winter in the Trask and Wilson Rivers for steelhead. She wanted to leave her previous life behind forever, and on the waters of Tillamook Bay, she seemed to have done just that.

Everything changed with a rifle shot. A minister--a man who had officiated Tricia's wedding and had fished with her--is murdered while fishing on Tillamook Bay. His murder is followed closely by the death of her best friend and fellow fishing guide at the hands of a merciless killer. The main suspect pleads his innocence. Tricia knows he didn't commit the murders.

Laying down her rod, she puts her boat in the garage, and begins her own sleuthing, much to the chagrin of the sheriff and her former colleagues from the Oregon State Patrol. Joined by an unlikely ally, the Reverend Creighton Yale, the two set out to solve the baffling crimes.

On the track of a killer, Tricia is drawn into a world she vowed to leave behind. But can she solve the crime before the killer silences her forever?

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