Lani Waller's Steelhead Legacy

By Lani Waller

This 2-DVD set follows Lani Waller through 25 years of chasing wild steelhead on some of the best fishing rivers in the world. The first DVD is comprised of Lani's video series from early 1980's-- the all time bestseller for steelhead for 20+ years. In the second DVD Lani revisits waters highlighting all the major changes in steelhead fishing during the last two decades. Lani updates casting techniques, equipment, and strategies that, in years past, were not even imagined. Includes maps and advice on where, when, and how to fish the Great Lakes region. 4 hrs.


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In the early 1980's Scientific Anglers 3M, undertook an ambitious and trend setting project to chronicle the field sports of hunting and fishing, in a series of how-to videos. At lease five of these 3M titles became outdoor classics that set a new standard for this kind of film making. Of these five films, a series of three tapes on steelhead fly fishing with Lani Waller became one of the all-time bestsellers and they had a popular run for over twenty years. The three titles were Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead, Advanced Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead, and Trophy Steelhead, -- some of the best and most unusual footage ever done on steelhead.

"The Lani Waller Steelhead Tapes," as they were popularly called, became favorites and in the words of one major reviewer they "taught an entire generation how to fish for these magical sea-run rainbow trout." The footage included never before filmed sequences of wild steelhead taking dry flies from the surface of a river, and other kinds of angling strategies in spectacularly beautiful landscapes of central Oregon and northern British Columbia.

The Waller steelhead tapes went out of production and distribution in 2003. In 2005 Lani secured permission to use the three original films as part of a four film package which would include the three original films, un-cut, and a fourth film showing all the major changes in this kind of fishing which had occurred during the two decade run of the original three films.

We travel with Lani ona recent rip to northern British Columbia where he is again hooking and landing steelhead. The film shows the capture of a trophy steelhead over twenty pounds, and other exciting and reflective moments by Waller. Lani updates casting techniques, equipment, and strategies that, in years past, were not even emagined. A chapter on the accessible and bountiful steelhead fisheries throughout the Great lakes region is included. This Great Lakes Chapter includes maps and advice on where, when, and how to fish these plentiful rivers. A Bonus Chapter section includes a fun "Behind the Scenes" making of the show..

The four film set is now available in a 2-DVD set, and offers viewers an unrivalled opportunity to learn both fundamental and advanced strategies for all kinds. There is literally something in this two disc set for every level-- from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran. Waller's style is informal, yet focused and his insights and strategies are backed by his fifty years of fishing for wild steelhead on some of the best rivers in the world.


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