Knots and Rigging Techniques: Learn to Tie the Most Popular Fishing Knots

You only have one chance to tie that knot right, so don't blow it. Step-by-step, easy to follow, close-up view & clear instructions on 16 fishing knots. For dry, streamer & wet flies. Includes installing the backing, fly line, leader, tipper, & tying on the fly. 50 min.


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Knots and Rigging Technique covers the techniques necessary to assemble everything. It begins with basics such as installing fly line backing and fly line on reels, knots connecting backing to the reel, the leader to the fly line, tippet to the leader and the tippet to various types of flies. It continues far beyond the basics to insure viewers that you learn to tie all the knots they may need for almost any fly-fishing situation. The techniques for rigging multiple flies, strike indicators, shock and bite tippets, along with many other specialized rigs used in fly-fishing are also shown in a clear, easy to follow manner.

DVD Menu:
Installing the Backing
The Nail Knot
The Blood Knot
Improved Clinch Knot
The Loop Knot
Nail Loop Knot
Rapala Loop Knot
Surgeons End Loop
Loop Connection
Shock Leaders
Surgeons Knot
The Uni-Knot
Shocker Knot
Shock Tippets
Wire to Line
Coated Wire to Line
Spider Hitch
Assembling Everything


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