Kayak Fishing: the Revolution

By Ken Daubert

Learn to fish by Kayak, the most overlooked, effective, and efficient way to catch more fish in oceans, ponds or rivers. Experienced experts in the US, Canada, and Mexico tech you to: choose the right kayak; rig it for fishing; choose the right accessories; install live bait tanks, rod holders, depthfinders and more; kayakfishing skills and techniques; catch, keep and fish live bait for big fish; flyfish from a kayak. 89 photos, 6 Ilus.; 6x9 inches, 256 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9678098-2-7

EAN: 978-0-9678098-2-3

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/08/2001

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Chapter One- Join The Revolution-
the purpose of this book- an invitation to join the revolution

Chapter Two- Why Kayakfish?- An argument in favor of fishing by kayak not only for the pleasures of kayaking, but especially discussing the tactical, economical and convenience advantages.

Chapter Three- The Kayakfishing Community and Communication- An introduction to a cross section sample of individuals who have varying degrees of kayakfishing experience, many of whom are in communication with each other through Internet wesites and bulletin boards. The random sampling includes college students, married couples, business professionals and kayakfishing pros. This diverse group has a few things in common, including an almost fanatical appreciation for the sport and an uncommon desire to share the sport with newcomers. Included within the chapter is an invitation to email individual members for advice or join in the community bulletin boards on the Internet for the mutual sharing of experiences and advice.

Chapter Four- Where To Kayakfish- This chapter deals with the environmental oppurtunities to paddle and fish which are virtually limited only by the reader's kayak model & design choice, their physical abilities and their sense of adventure.

Chapter Five- Choosing A Kayak- A discussion of various kayak designs and models and how their characteristics relate to paddling environments and angler's requirements, utilizing diverse angling styles for various species. The chapter ends with the favorite kayak model choices of experienced kayakfishing guides and professionals in fresh and saltwater from Canada and around our U.S. coasts from the Northeast to California.

Chapter Six- Customizing Your Kayak- This chapter will help the reader to make changes to an old or new kayak of any style by helping with choices and installations of accessories that make kayakfishing more comfortable, convenient, effective and efficient.

Chapter Seven- Kayakfishing Accessories- Since it is the accessories that make a kayak more fisher friendly, comfortable, convenient, effective, efficient, versatile, transportable, and safe, this chapter is a survey of current options available. New breakthrough products designed specifically for kayakfishing are included.

Chapter Eight- Transporting Your Kayak- This chapter covers some of the options for moving a kayak from its storage area to the transporting vehichle, from the transporting vehicle to the water, and over land from one body of water to another. Various types of vehicles, cartop carriers, kayak carts, and kayak slings are covered, including all-terrain carts and ideas for making for making your own homemade kayak cart.

Chapter Nine- Kayakfishing Skills and Techniques- This chapter is designed to teach prospective kayak anglers a set of selected skills that will increase their effectiveness and efficiency. Included in this chapter are techniques for paddling and boat positioning with one hand while the other hand is occupied with a fishing rod. Other skills such as the use of sprint paddling, sight fishing, wadefishing, trolling, fishing upwind, drifting techniques, controlling drift, and the use of paddle leashes, anchors, sea anchors and rudders.

Chapter Ten- Kayak Flyfishing- This chapter points out the advantages of flyfishing by kayak, discusses some of the problems, and offers solutions.

Chapter Eleven- Kayak Lure Fishing- This chapter discusses the special advantages of stealth and penetration of innaccessible areas that a kayak gives an angler using artificial lures. It covers many of the most effective and commonly used techniques in fresh and saltwater and how they are enhanced when fishing by kayak.

Chapter Twelve- Kayak Live Bait Fishing- The use of live bait from a kayak creates a situation where the angler can truly catch fish as large as their craft and literally be towed around on a watery sleigh ride. This chapter covers the catching, keeping, and various techniques for fishing many of the most common species of live baitfish. It includes advice and recommendations for installing various styles of live bait tanks and aerators. It also covers more simple forms of baitkeeping devices such as trolling buckets, and other common types of live bait.

Chapter Thirteen- Kayak Fish Fighting- This chapter deals with the dynamics of battling a fish from a kayak. Maneuvering to your advantage against a large fish, avoidance of obstructions, and safety hazards from large and small fish as well as your own tackle are covered.

Chapter Fourteen- Kayak Fish Handling- This is a companion chapter or sequel to the previous chapter. It covers the landing or releasing of large and small dangerous and non dangerous fish species, including sharks and other sharp toothed species. It covers some of the latest techniques currently in use by professionals in this quickly evolving sport, and some some safety hazards. It also offers some advice in keeping fish fresh that are intended to be eaten.

Chapter Fifteen- Kayak Fishing Safety- This chapter covers safety hazards that are related to the outdoor environment, including the weather, scary critters, the fish, and motorized watercraft. It also includes a safety epqupiment checklist.

Chapter Sixteen- Kayakfishing Experts- This chapter gives the reader an introduction to kayakfishing experts through their own kayakfishing biographies, including kayakfishing professional guides and representatives of kayakfishing products. It features experts from Canada, the Northeast coast, Florida, Texas and California. Each give their own personal perspective, tips and advice on kayakfishing techniques and kayak choice.

Chapter Seventeen- Kayakfishing Resources- This chapter is actually a list of resources that would be of interest to kayak anglers. The contact information for the individuals,organizations, publications and products mentioned in the previous book chapters are listed here.

Ken Daubert
has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology & Environmental Sciences. His 20 years experience as a U.S. Coast Guard Liscensed Captain and professional Florida fishing guide (NOW RETIRED) has made him a flyfishing and light tackle sportfishing expert-- from Tarpon & Snook to Bass & Bluegill. Ken's fantastic Fly patterns are featured in major magazines and books by top outdoor writers. He has also been featured for many years in almost every major outdoor magazine as a top fishing guide, taxidermist, flytyer, and more recently he is the "Co-inventor" of the famous BANJO MINNOW ! T.V. Fishing Lure. He is the former Vice-president of Banjo Buddies Inc, and one of the producers of the famous international award winning T.V. infomercial "The Banjo Minnow" and he filmed much of the underwater photography for Bill Dance's infomercial "Soundbite"

Hi !

My name is Ken Daubert. I have been sneaking away from the house since I was 4 years old to go on fishing adventures. It used to give my Mother quite a scare at first, almost as much of a scare as finding snakes and frogs in surprising places around her house while I was gone. A lot of years have passed but I'm still sneaking away from the house to go on fishing adventures. About 20 years ago I decided to go professional and begin taking people along with me and share my adventures. Well, a new development occurred in my fishing experience. Although I have fished out of an assortment of boats and canoes etc. from tubefloats all the way up to my beautiful Flatsboat (click here)-----I discovered "sit on top" kayaks. The result has been a dramatic increase in the adventure, efficiency and effectiveness of my trips. It has opened up new dimensions of angling ability and adventure. Adventure is a word you will here from me over and over again because I believe that fishing -- --- like life-- should be an adventure. Kayakfishing inspired me to develop this webpage to share my adventure with anyone interested.

I had a home in the Ocala National Forest which is nationally known as a famous "trophy bass fishery" due to the hundreds upon hundreds of tiny ponds to large lakes scattered throughout the forest. Many of these bodies of water are "remote" to extremely remote, requiring a 4WD and a small boat to get into them. The Forest is bordered by some of the most famous trophy bass waters in the world---such as the St.John's & Oklawaha Rivers, Lake George, Rodman Reservoir and many others too numerous to mention, but one of my favorite types of bass fishing takes place in the many coastal rivers in "brackish water" where the bass are particularly wild and aggressive. Additionally, on any given cast you might also hook a Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Seatrout, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish etc., etc. which can tend to really spice up your bass fishing day. I also spend many days out on the clear shallow water flats of either coast to chase down those saltwater critters more earnestly. On a typical day of "flatsfishing" we will often catch 20 different species of saltwater fish. Surprises are the expectation here!

Although I fish with many types of fishing tackle, I especially like to use light tackle and flyrods. I like fishing the Banjo Minnow and other lures on 6-10 lb. test spinning rods in both fresh and saltwater.I design many of my own fishing lures and tackle, and some like the Banjo Minnow have caught on in a big way on the market. The Banjo Minnow was a big hit as a T.V. infomercial, nominated for four international awards and winning two of those categories. It won "Best Demonstration" and "Best Under $100,000.00" for production expense.

I have also designed many of my own flies over the years, and some have been featured in the major outdoor magazines and books by such well known outdoor writers as Bob McNally, Larry Larsen, Tim O'Keefe, Steve Price, Michael Kimmel and many others. I would like to give you a look at some of these and even offer some for sale on a limited basis. (see Products & Gifts) Also, I will offer instructions on how to make some of the more popular and effective designs. As a feature of this website, I will have a section for Features which will give instruction on various topics on light tackle, flyfishing, flytying, luremaking, tackle tinkering, kayakfishing & various other topics.

If you think you might be coming to Florida, you may want to check in with my Fishing Forecast to see what's coming up as Florida fishing oppurtunities before you come

Steve Price-
senior writer, BASSMASTER Magazine- "a must read for anyone wanting to enter the sport."

Martin James- award winning writer and broadcaster and one of Englands most famous fishing media personalities- "I feel the book is a very good one and one that will be most useful to the newcomer and no doubt those with experience will pick up some tips. Fly or lure fishing from a kayak takes on a whole new meaning and one of immense enjoyment. Now for the first time you can read a book that covers the subject in full. Ken Daubert's book is the ABC in the art of fishing from a Kayak. Between the covers of this book in the 256 pages you will find many chapters covering this exciting form of fishing such as choosing a kayak, customize your kayak, kayak accessories, skills and techniques, fly, lure and live bait fishing, safety when fishing from your kayak and much more. I can thoroughly recommend this book to expert and beginner alike. Its the last words on the subject of fishing from a kayak and worth every cent of the published price of 15 dollars 95 cents.

Dr. Clay Runck- Dept. of Biological Sciences, Benedictine University- "I received my book last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it - read it cover-to-cover the next day. I am thinking of getting a copy for my fellow canoefishing brother-in-law for Christmas to see if I can peak his interest. I have also been considering getting a sit-on-top kayak for use in my stream research. The streams I work on are small and can be canoed, but a kayak seems like it would be ideal, especially the boat's weight since there are many areas that need to be 'portaged' due to snags (downed trees) and shallow shoals."

Brian Shumaker- flyfishing guide- "Wanted to let you know that your book is fantastic! A lot of great information. I would like to know how you make the stripping basket that is shown in the book. I guide flyfishermen for smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvannia using a catamaran style drift boat, but have recently purchased a kayak for my own personal fishing when I have time."

Jeff "Rhino" Krieger -Kayakfishing Guide- "Just Recieved my copy of Captain Ken Daubert's book and recommend it for everyone. Spike has them for sale at CKF, ready to go! This book has it all, well written, and even a few pictures of yours truly with halibut and WSB."

John Stanton- Kayakfishing Guide- "I'm about 1/3 done and I think it's awesome how you've related real people to the sport who are indeed willing to help out others. This book was long overdue and I'm sure I'll have some questions by the time I get to the end."

Jon Shein- "Just finished reading Ken Daubert's 'Kayakfishing: the Revolution'. Its a good book full of lots of useful advice and where to find information. He lists phone #s, addresses and websites. I picked up several so if anyone needs/wants a copy let me know."

Linda Heald- "Book is terrific! Must be your Danielle with the kayak hung around her neck! Awsome."

J.W.Johnston - "I just received the book. Great to have as a reference as I'm new to fishing from a Kayak. I recently purchased 2 Scupper classic kayaks and started rigging them up for fishing. Your book is giving me some great ideas. Its hard to beat a kayak for fishing around Sabine Lake and Galveston Bay area."

Mark McMorris- "Got the book! Great Read!"

Joe Hover- alias Yakdog on the bulletin boards- "Got the book and loved it. Took it to Orlando with me to a seminar I had to attend for work. Gave me a couple of ideas for changes on my Yak, a WS Tarpon."

Jerry Esten- one of the earliest pioneers of the West Coast kayakfishing clan and producer of the annual California Kayak Fishing Derby- "KAYAKFISHING: The Revolution is the title of Ken Daubert's new book and an apt one it is. I have been lucky enough to see this sport grow to its current popularity. I, like Ken, think this is just the beginning. The book is well done indeed, it covers much of the pioneering that was done on the west coast, as well as the unique fishing Florida has to offer, we have our offshore islands, but no Keys or Everglades. Ken deals with innovative equipment, safety and dozens of tips for rigging your kayak to suit your area and its specialized fishing. I was using beach balls for floatation until Ken clued me in on swimming pool noodles. They even can act as rollers! The last was just one of the many insights Ken Daubert has published; they will make your kayak fishing more user friendly. Believe me, I know, having done so much by trial and error."

Eric Suchman- reviewer- An outstanding and thorough primer for outfitting and fishing from your kayak.

Kirill Sapelkin- You probably hear this a lot, but that is a good book. Lot's of important information, covers the subject.

Carl Rischer- President of Long Beach Casting Club in southern California- "I've read your book several times and think you done a heck of a job laying out the sport."

Tommy Stubblefield- "I just finished reading Capt. Ken Daubert's new book, KAYAKFISHING: The Revolution and I have to say that it only took 2 sittings! Now that's as close to a glowing review as I can give anything. I'm not an avid reader but when I get into something that really interests me, I can't put it down. As if Ken's vast experience wasn't enough to write a book, he drew from the vast knowledge of experts and lesser experts from all over the world. I've been kayaking and canoeing for more years than most of you have been on this fair earth, and I can truthfully say that I kept saying to myself 'Well, I'll be darned; I didn't know that'. This book is going to be re-read, especially all the dog-eared pages. Y'all need to get this book and see what I'm talking about!"

Adam Bolonsky- Field Editor for Northeast Saltwater Magazine- "That Ken Daubert was long before he started kayak fishing a freshwater angler of many years experience is evident the moment one opens his book. His About The Author page features a telling photograph. In it, Daubert sports the grizzled woodsman’s grey beard, requisite trucker’s cap, neoprene waders, cork-handled spincast rod, and hanging by the mouth from his left hand, a largemouth bass with a belly the girth of a gallon milk bottle But what’s most important are the glasses: a pair of half-lens bifocals which have slid halfway down the bridge of Daubert’s nose, evidence for sure of an angler long accustomed to the up-close eye work it takes to unhook a variety of species quickly and skillfully. The focals are perched there out of the way, always in position for use. Daubert’s years long before he took to the kayak also show in the variety of fish he’s seen holding either in his lap or alongside the gunwale of his short, sit-on-top plastic kayak: enormous tarpon, striped bass, blacktip shark, snook, seatrout. A couple of the tarpon are almost as big as Daubert is, and Daubert is a big fellow. His book is an excellent choice for the seasoned saltwater or freshwater angler who’s been around the block a few times and fished from powerboats long and seriously enough to know the drawbacks of a powerboat. As Daubert describes the boats he’s owned over the years before he settled on a kayak, "bigger, fancier, more expensive rigs brought a new freedom of distance, luxury, convenience, and even effectiveness. Yet every boat owner also knows the downside of the big boat: monthly payments, insurance, maintenance, repairs, trailers, electronics, corrosion. Daubert shows the seasoned salt or freshwater angler how to dispatch with all but the electronics in a kayak. The kayaks he tends to prefer cost under a thousand dollars, don’t need to be insured, are bombproof (and thus never need maintenance or repair), and need little more than a pair of baby-coach wheels and a crossbar for a trailer. The one concession he makes to the big boat world is electronics: many of his photos show the tell-tale screen of a tiny fishfinder attached to a crossbar at his feet. And those photos show lots of other gear already familiar to the seasoned angler: multiple rods, big gaffs, lipping pliers, float tubes, livewells, lunch-and-catch coolers, anchors, aerators, tackle boxes. In short, Daubert makes the case that any BlackFin-owning angler accustomed to fishing armed to the teeth can do the same from a kayak. The skilled won’t be able to dismiss the kayak as a novelty. Daubert discusses every intricate fishing technique imaginable, and how to adopt each to the kayak. Whether it be a flyrod, buzzing, flipping, jerking, skipping, cranking, jigging, trolling, drifting, cover coaxing, or live bait, Daubert discusses their application to the kayak. Daubert knows the powerboat fishing world, and it shows. The angler accustomed to involved and painstaking, complex fishing from large boats will read how to adopt any of these techniques to the small, light, and versatile sit-on-top kayak. If you’re one of the above anglers or well on your way there, you’ll do well to buy his book. -----if any skeptical big-boat angler needs convincing that a kayak is the way to go, Daubert’s book will do it. He’s been there and back. He’s fished in both worlds long and hard and well, and his skill and experience show."


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