Inshore Angler - Coastal Carolina's Small Boat Fishing Guide

By Mike Marsh

Enables fishermen to make the most of each fishing cycle, beginning with the winter and early spring in which speckled trout is abundant in the waters along our shores. 9x6 inches, 176 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-928556-43-4

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 15/11/2000

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Inshore Angler, a comprehensive guide to fishing the waters of coastal North Carolina, gives small boat anglers the knowledge they need to become successful at catching the most popular game fish available along the coast. Published November 2000, Inshore Angler—Coastal Carolina’s Small Boat Fishing Guide will enable fishermen to make the most of each fishing cycle, beginning with the winter and early spring in which speckled trout is abundant in the waters along our shores.

Unlike other fishing guides currently on the market, Inshore Angler features 24 color maps to guide readers to professional anglers’ favorite fishing spots. With tips from some of North Carolina’s top inshore fishing guides as well as from the author himself, Inshore Angler is a reference tool to be carried in every angler’s tackle box. The book opens by providing small boat anglers with detailed descriptions of the gear, bait and lures that fishing guides use. Chapters about catching individual species of fish are organized into three-month cycles delineating the time each fish is most plentiful or discussing when a particular technique is most effective.


Rigging and fishing techniques for small boat anglers

Chapter 1. Universal Boats–Evolution and Selection of Johnboats and Skiffs

Chapter 2. Prospecting for Fish Using the Three-rod Method

Chapter 3. How to Catch Saltwater's Best Live Baits

Chapter 4. Saltwater Fly-fishing is Catching On


Chapter 5. Sizzling in the Salt Striped Bass

Chapter 6. Sneak Out for Sea Trout

Chapter 7. Bluefish Blowout Beats Those Winter Blues

Chapter 8. Bonito and False Albacore: What's in a Name?

Chapter 9. Surefire Tactics for Catching Spring Redfish


Chapter 10. Cobia Fun in the Summer Sun

Chapter 11. Speaking Spanish

Chapter 12. Power-Drifting for Flounder

Chapter 13. Get the Edge on Carolina Flounder

Chapter 14. Sheepshead Records Shattered by Twelve-year-old


Chapter 15. Speckled Trout Worth the Price

Chapter 16. The Beat of a Different Drummer

Chapter 17. Catching Flounder on Artificial Lures

Chapter 18. Copper-headed Fish on a Copperhead Fly


Chapter 19. Cash in on the Strong Return of Weakfish

Chapter 20. Freezer Filling Sea Trout


Glossary of Terms

Mike Marsh
, who has written hundreds of articles for regional and national outdoor magazines, edited some of his most popular articles from North Carolina’s “hook and bullet” magazines into this essential reference guide.

Mike Marsh is an avid outdoorsman who has hunted and fished across North Carolina. After receiving an Associate Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Wayne Community College in Goldsboro in 1973, he worked for the N.C. Division of Environmental Management in Mooresville, where he lived on Lake Norman. His passion for the outdoors lured him to Wilmington in 1978. He found the fishing in so fantastic he now says, “You couldn’t pry me loose from the coast of North Carolina with an oyster knife.”

Marsh’s first book, Carolina Hunting Adventures - Quest for the Limit, was published by Atlantic Publishing in 1995 and is still in print. In the years since, he has written hundreds of articles for regional and national outdoor magazines, but is best recognized for articles in North Carolina’s “hook and bullet” magazines - North Carolina Game and Fish, North Carolina Sportsman, Carolina Adventure and Wildlife in North Carolina. In October 2000, the South Eastern Outdoor Press Association honored Marsh with an Excellence in Craft award, awarding him second place in the Outdoor Magazine Article or Feature category. He currently serves as Southeastern Regional Editor of Carolina Adventure. Marsh also writes weekly outdoor news columns for the Wilmington Star-News, Tabor City - Loris Tribune, and is a contributor to the Raleigh News and Observer.

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