Hooked on Life: Reflections on Fishing, Baseball, and the Other Stuff of Life

By Mark Miller

Miller opines on his favorite subjects: God, baseball & fishing. B&W illus; 6x9 inches, 180 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9845771-5-7

EAN: 978-0-9845771-5-6

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/10/2010

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Mark Henry Miller, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, is a graduate of Stanford University, Yale University Divinity School, and Eden Theological Seminary. Mark's 44-years of experience as a clergyman shine through in all of these inspiring epistles. As he writes in the introduction: "These stories came about because of experiences; because of fish that knew more about testing the elements than I. Because of fast balls that didn’t always stay low in the strike zone on the outside corner. Because of ideas that had a flowing relationship with the computer keyboard. Because of the ways in which many of us walk the human landscape, sometimes stumbling and sometimes dancing."


“He's not the best at what he does, Mark Henry Miller will tell you with humility. But I will tell you he’s the ONLY one who does what he does. Fishing alongside him for a decade now, sitting in on his frequent guest appearances at our high altitude church, I'm continually amazed at his energy and enthusiasm, his quick wit and keen understanding. Life is a story and Mark tells it well...and, it's far from finished. I'm proud to be his forever ‘Rabbi Guide.‘” -- Matt Krane, Colorado Flyfishing Guide

“Mark catches me every time with his insightful epistles. What he shares gets retold in preachers’ sermons, at parishioners’ dinner tables, and en route to the ballpark. There is wonderful mix of family/fraternity/fishing and faith in the pages, a joy to see his sundry-Sunday writings collected.” -- Dr. James W. White, Senior Minister Emeritus and author of Round Boys Great Adventures

“I always looked forward to Mark’s epistles because I felt the message was directed especially to ME! Although not a fisherman, I got it. And it (the message) stayed with me through my week of every day experiences, reminding me that God is always with me.” -- Sue Diegelman, Chair of Church Deacons, San Marcos, Texas

“Mark Miller is a very successful minister who finds wisdom in fish, baseball, and other places that are not readily apparent. His efforts yield thought provoking observations and deductions. This will, no doubt, be another valuable addition to his ministry.” -- James Blume, Legal Counsel for Southwest Region of the Christian Church [Disciples of Christ]

“Hooked On Life will engage every reader who's hooked on the joy of fishing and the journey of seeking. Over the nearly fifty years I've known Mark as a friend and colleague, his passion for life and faith has found expression through his love of fishing. Mark Henry Miller is a 'fisherman' par excellence in every sense of the word.” -- Rev. Dr. Butch Henderson, Senior Pastor Emeritus, Claremont U.C.C., Claremont, CA

“My great friend Mark Henry Miller is a wonderful story teller. And when he tells stories about two of his passions, fishing and baseball, he is at his best. This book will delight young and old and all the rest of us in between! Happy Reading, folks!” -- Rev. Dr. Richard E. Nye, Pastor Emeritus, Union Church, Hinsdale, Illlinois

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