High Sierra Fly Fishing: Basics to Advanced Tactics

By Billy Van Loek

Practical guide to fishing this region & understanding its trout, with info for both beginner & advanced. Keys to success, including: how did the trout get there; geology of the High Sierra; trout science; equip; casting; knots; flies; angling ethics; camping info; & more. Full color; 8x11 inches, 96 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-57188-222-7

EAN: 978-1-57188-222-6

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 14/02/2001

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California's High Sierra is a granitic wonderland of uncrowded lakes and streams, wind-sculpted pines, knife-edged crags, abundant insects, and plenty of wild trout. High Sierra Fly Fishing is a practical guide to fishing this region and understanding its trout, with information for both beginning and advanced anglers.

The lakes and streams of the High Sierra have the primary element of good trout habitat in abundance: cold, well-oxygenated, unpolluted water. In this book, Billy shares the keys to success in California’s High Sierra for both the beginning and advanced angler, including: how did the trout get there; geology of the High Sierra; trout science; equipment; casting; knots; flies; angling ethics; plus, how to fish the lakes, creeks; advanced tactics; planning your trip; camping info; and much more. Billy shares his hard-won secrets of success fishing the High Sierra so your next trip can be a great one!

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