High Rollers: Fly Fishing for Giant Tarpon

By Bill Bishop Jr.

Tackles all aspects of tarpon fishing - from building leaders to bringing them in quickly. Includes: step-by-step instructions for tying IGFA leaders, the nuances of finding, casting to, hooking, & fighting giant tarpon; & insights & tips for running the boat, seeing fish, & reading the fish’s behavior. 13 color photos, 8-pg. color section, 138 B&W illus; 7x9 inches, 168 pgs.


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Detailed illustrations and text provide insight into:
* Tying and rigging lines and leaders
* Boat-handling tips
* Approaching and feeding fish
* Setting the hook
* Fighting and landing the fish quickly and safely

Artist and ardent angler Bill Bishop tackles all aspects of tarpon fishing--from building leaders to bringing them in quickly. Each chapter explores the core aspects of tarpon fishing in detail, including step-by-step instructions for tying IGFA leaders, the nuances of finding, casting to, hooking, and fighting giant tarpon, and insights and tips for running the boat, seeing fish, and reading the fish’s behavior.

In addition to the technical aspects, Bishop’s stories and humor take a look at the personal side of fishing, reminding us that despite the sometimes-serious undertaking of battling a 150-pound tarpon, fishing is still supposed to be fun. With more than 140 detailed pen-and-ink illustrations and photos by Mark Hatter, this book will help anyone who wants to hook, and land, more silver kings.

“Bill Bishop has addressed the mental, physical, humorous, and technical aspects of fishing for tarpon in this invaluable book, writing in such a way that is both entertaining and instructive. I really like his style.” --Lefty Kreh

“Take advantage of this happy shortcut to the wild heart of tarpon fishing.” --Flip Pallot

“This book should go straight to the top of the must-read list for both newcomer and veteran fly anglers. When a master of the sport like Bill shares his techniques with detail and humor, I want to read it.” -- Sandy Moret, Florida Keys Outfitters

“Bishop brings out the passion, fever, and madness we share in our quest to hook ‘high rollers,’ displaying his skills as an artist while giving us advice on tackle and technique.” --Capt. Gary Ellis, President, Redbone, Inc.

Bill Bishop
is on the water over 150 days a year, fishing the waters of Boca Grande and Homosassa. His illustrations and artwork have appeared in several fly-fishing books and magazines. He lives in Orlando and Boca Grande, Florida.


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