From the Land Where the Big Fish Live

By Sgt. John A. Walker

3rd book in a series of humorous short story books. 16 pgs. of color photos of the area where Walker worked; B&W photos. 6x9 inches, 153 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9639798-2-5

EAN: 978-0-9639798-2-7

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 14/07/2003

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Sgt. Walker started out working with a former Detroit police officer who gave him this advice, "John, never stop laughing or any law enforcement job will get to you." As you would see by reading this book, Sgt. Walker took this statement to heart. Sgt. Walker always worked with youth, both as a Game Warden and at his church.

All the tales are true, just told with the backwoods wit of someone that grew up in Ontonagon and listened to great storytellers all his life. Later, as he worked as a Game Warden, the stories only got better.

Sgt. John A. Walker wanted to start a scholarship program, so he wrote his first book titled A Deer Gets Revenge. It qualifies as a self-published best seller in its 5th printing. It was followed by A Bucket of Bones & From the Land Where BIG Fish Live. In the first few years these books were out, Sgt. Walker had to self-publish over 30,000 books, and it's grown from there. The scholarship fund started from the sales of these books has grown every year.

These books are loved by people of all ages and walks of life.

"A series of hilarious tales and anecdotal yarns, drawn from the outdoor life of a game warden--complete with a seemingly endless list of memorable characters, absurd situations, and timeless examples of human foibles and the oddities of life. Be Warned! Walker's humor is addictive and reading one will quickly lead to seeking out his whole collection of books." --Midwest Book Review

Sgt. John A. Walker
is a retired Michigan Conservation Officer. For years, Sgt. Walker has been writing both serious and humorous true short stories about events that occurred while he was groing up in Ontonagon, in Michigan's U.P and later working as a game warden. His stories were published weekly in the local newspaper.

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