Fly Tying Illustrated: Flies You Can Count on to Catch Trout

By Tom Gauthier

The patterns & tying techniques presented in this book are unique. With few exceptions you will not find these flies in other books nor will you find them for sale at your local fly shop. 8.5x11 inches, 92 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-4269-5792-0

EAN: 978-1-4269-5792-5

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 28/02/2011

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A little over forty years ago I was exposed to the world of fly fishing and tying at the young age of fourteen. From the very beginning I was fortunate to live in an area of Northern Michigan that was rich in the traditions of both fly-fishing and fly tying. Local tiers like Leonard Halladay, Art Winnie, and Ralph Hanna were inspirational as I began putting feather and hair to hooks in an effort to produce something that looked enticing to the local trout population. Streams like the Boardman, the Au Sable, and the Big Manistee were close at hand and offered ample opportunity to test my flies. The Hex hatch was an "event" in our neck of the woods and facilitated my being able to either catch or at least observe huge trout frantically feeding on the surface at night. This hatch more than anything else was the reason for my life long interest in fly tying. In this book I have put together my favorite fly patterns. Not all of them are my own design but with nearly all of them I have added my own modifications making them a little different and perhaps a little more practical than what you'll find elsewhere. Some books offer more sophisticated patterns that in some cases are real works of art and that's fine. The flies in this book are intended to help you catch trout and with that I am confident they will become some of your all time favorites.

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