Fly Rodding Florida Salt: Revised Edition

By John A. Kumiski

How & Where to Catch Saltwater Fish on Flies in the Sunshine State, newly & completely revised & updated. Fly tackle & techniques utilized in Florida salt water fishing are covered, as well as specific info for each species & tying proven Florida patterns. An extensive "where-to-go" section details specific fishing locations & info provided by well-known local guides; included are info on access, fly shops, guides & accommodations. B&W photos, maps; 8.5x11 inches, 240 pgs.


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Shares with the reader complete information about fly fishing in Florida's saltwater. It contains info on what tackle to use and how to rig that tackle; what techniques to try; and effective flies and how to tie them. It tells, complete with aerial photos, where to go to find Florida's great saltwater gamefish.

Like the original edition, this revised edition is divided into three sections. The first section has three chapters, which discuss tackle, techniques, and describes most of the species you are likely to encounter while fishing in Florida salt.

The second section contains the results of interviews with dozens of top fly fishing guides from all sections of the Florida coast. In these interviews, the guides share info on access, types of fishing available, best times of the year, favorite spots and flies, and a great deal of little known how-to info.

The third sections discusses fly selection and contains detailed descriptions on tying locally important fly patterns. What you will find are some of the classic saltwater patterns like the Deceiver and the Seaducer, and some more modern patterns like the Merkin Crab, or synthetic minnows.

The appendix includes info on getting licensed to fish, and index, and a Resource Catalog for those wanting even more info.

The Florida coastline is more than 2000 miles long. No one individual could possible know it all, and no single book could possibly cover every inch of it. What this book does is to pinpoint easily available fly fishing opportunities from all over the Sunshine State. Anyone who wants to be able to visit any area in florida with or without a boat, fly tackle in hand, and find an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime of quality fishing could definitely use this book.

The Guidebook to Fly Fishing Florida's Coastline!
Do you like fumbling around when fishing new areas, wasting valuable fishing time trying to fit all the pieces together so you can find and catch fish? In its 240 pages Flyrodding Florida Salt contains all the information you need to easily find and catch fish almost anywhere along the lengthy Florida coastline. The book has three main sections:

-the first solves the problem of "how-to" by explaining what tackle to use, which techniques to try, and what types of fish you can expect to catch;

-the second solves the "where-to" problem by featuring interviews with dozens of Florida's top fly fishing guides, including Tim Borski, Jeffrey Cardenas, Rick Grassett, Steve Huff, Rick Murphy, Flip Pallot, Jose Wejebe, and dozens more. In these pages they reveal their favorite spots and how to fish them, including many of their most closely guarded secrets;

-the third solves the "with what?" problem, and features detailed instructions on how to tie up a selection of flies guaranteed to work in most Florida waters.

The original edition of this book sold thousands of copies and received the highest critical acclaim. This new revision is even better, completely updated with expanded coverage. If you use this book you will catch more fish!

What other fly fishers are saying about this book:
"Flyrodding Florida Salt is a book that every fly fisherman who enjoys the waters of Florida should own- and study. It is the most complete reference book you could buy concerning tackle, where to go, and how to fish throughout the state." -Lefty Kreh

"The best part of Flyrodding Florida Salt is the extensive where-to-go section that blankets the coast by area with not only tips on specific fishing spots, but areas for wading, boat fishing, best flies and techniques, access, local fly shops, guides, and other attractions and accommodations. For any saltwater fly rodder living in Florida or going there sometime, this practical guide is a must-read." -C. Boyd Pfeiffer


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