Fly Patterns: Tie Thousands of Flies

By Randall & Mary Kaufmann

An amazing treasure trove of 3,600 flies from many of the world's most respected fly innovators & producers. All the great classics & the latest innovations by the leading 200 fly designers of the day are included. A materials chapter explains & pictures 90 commonly used materials; a hook chart compares all major hook manufactures. This is truly the contemporary encyclopedia of flies. 2800 Color photos, 8.5x11 inches, 480 pgs.


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Fly Patterns
Tie Thousands of Flies

Dry, Nymph, Emerger, Streamer,Steelhead, Warmwater, Saltwater Patterns

Innovators and producers include: Black's Custom Flies, Ltd., Doug's Bugs, Highland Flies, Idylwilde, Pacific Fly Group, Riverborn Fly Co., Solitude Fly Co., Spirit River, Inc., and Umpqua Feather Merchants.

All the great classics and the latest innovations by the leading 200 fly designers of the day are included. All flies and recipes have been provided by the originator or the supplier authorized to distribute them. Each dressing is accurate, and each fly is pictured in perfect detail next to the dressing.

All material references, pattern listings, tying sequence, organization, format, indexing, and abbreviations have been standardized for ease of understanding, tying, and reference.

Nothing has been spared to make this book accurate and user friendly. Hard binding opens flat. An exhaustive index with thousands of entries makes it easy to find any fly.

With 480 pages and 3,600 patterns, this is truly the contemporary encyclopedia of flies.


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