Fly Fishing Pacific City: Ocean, Estuary & River Perspectives

By Jay W. Nicholas

The Oregon Coast is an angling paradise, with opportunities to fish the ocean, estuary, rivers, and lakes during virtually every month of the year. Pacific City happens to be my personal angling home, where I fish for salmon, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat, black rockfish, lingcod, albacore, and hatchery rainbow trout. 8.5x11 inches, 56 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-5118-9120-3

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 14/01/2015

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This book couldn't possibly relate the entire story of angling opportunities that exist in and near Pacific City - but it is an "ice-breaker", opening up possibilities that will inspire any angler, and especially fly anglers, to the possibilities that the seasons hold from the river headwaters to the ocean. I produced this book to achieve two outcomes. First I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos of local fisheries. Second, I wanted to share brief summary of local fly fishing opportunities for various species, including recommendations regarding tackle and tactics, plus one fishing story related to each of key species and fishing seasons. This book isn't the whole story, but it's a start. Jay W. Nicholas Please note: I encourage everyone who purchases these books to go to OFFICE MAX or KINKOS to get the book spiral bound. This makes it possible to lay the book flat and prevents it from getting creased and wrinkled. Thanks very much for your support.

Here's the short bio: I was born to share small glimpses about being human through story telling, writing and art, most of which is filtered in some way through the lens of fishing. Along the way, I've fished for some sixty years; fly fished and tied flies for over fifty years; served as an officer in the US Navy; been dad to two sons; established a distinguished career as fishery scientist over four decades; and written an uncounted number of work reports. Devoting personal energy to writing and creating art to express my thoughts is relatively new. In retrospect, I realize I've only felt free to express myself fully over the last decade, leading to the first series of books I have self-published here. Frankly, I wish I had devoted more energy to creative writing and art throughout my life, but - better late than never. I decided to take the Amazon/Create Space self-publishing route because I feel a great sense of urgency. I wanted to get these books, stories, paintings, and sketches out the door quickly, while I can. I'm well aware that my books contain errors that a professional editor would resolve, but am willing to accept considerable imperfection in order to make my stories and art accessible now, rather than risk leaving the stories untold. I am grateful whenever someone tells me that they found a laugh, a surprise, a smile, a new idea, or encouragement from one of these books. I have many more stories in me, and am blundering ahead to add these to build my portfolio, while I may. Meanwhile, I extend my sincere thanks to each person who has found enjoyment from my work and shared his or her reaction. Jay W. Nicholas

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