Fly Fishing Map of the Harriman Ranch Water of the Henry's Fork with Aquatic & Terrestrial Insect Chart

By John McDaniel

A comprehensive aquatic and terrestrial insect chart on the back with data for the 4 periods of fishing during the season, as well as information on access to the river, parking and fishing. Award winning photos Bryan Gregson, waterproof paper; 22x 17 inch map (folds to 8.5x3.75").


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The Harriman Ranch Map & Bug Chart was designed for my book, Fly Fishing the Harriman Ranch of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River (Whitefish Press, 2012).

It will be indispensable to anyone fishing the Harriman Ranch. Early feedback stresses the bug chart. One experienced Ranch anglers has said, "The information on insects is the comprehensive I have ever seen published, in any format, about the Harriman Ranch."

The map should appeal to avid anglers who may not be anticipating fishing the water. The Harriman Ranch affords some of the finest dry fly fishing in the world, it seems logical that dry fly fishermen throughout the world will want to see a detailed map of the renowned water. The fascinating names of sections of the eight miles of Ranch water, such as "Millionaires" and "Bonefish Flats", are as recognizable as any in the world of fly fishing. Anglers can use the map to see precisely where over 100 of these famous locations are.

The map looks great when framed as a poster. The multiple colors and graphics make it very attractive, and the size of the font and features of the map make it easy to see and read.

Rene Harrop said:
"Anyone planning to fish Harriman State Park of the Henry's Fork would find benefits from John McDaniel's map. The accuracy is exceptional." Mike Lawson said: "I have known John McDaniel since 1983. He has logged over 10,000 hours on the Harriman Ranch. pleased that John is offering the detailed map to accompany the book."


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