Fly Fishing in Southeast Minesota

The meat of this book is a smartly designed guide based on stream trout maps produced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that lay ruffled in some corner of many trout bums’ vehicles. The book contains smaller versions of the actual maps, with text that explains what you’ll find as you explore each. Details are aplenty, with landmarks right down to roadside stumps aiding those trying to find a pull-off for the first time. The book explains it will be best used in conjunction with the full-size DNR maps, as well as detailed fishing easement maps also available on the DNR’s website. 172 pgs.


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Trevis includes those bits of wisdom only available from an angler with countless miles under his wading boots. For example, in a section on the Middle Branch of the Whitewater River: “A fair warning: the farmer at the County Road 9 access area pastures assorted cattle, a morose bull, and in the past, a burro, Scottish cattle, and even a pony in his mixed herd.”

Whether a creek will require hip boots or waders, how bad the wild parsnip or buckthorn will be, and DNR stocking or fish sampling data are often included with each stream’s commentary. Often, he’ll flat-out state he doesn’t think a stretch is worth fishing, or that it is, but the fish are hard to come by.

Other portions of the book include an overview of the Driftless Area, advice on lodging and restaurants, a “cheat sheet” of easily accessible waters with shorelines friendly to inexperienced casters, and overviews of topics like bug hatches and conservation.


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