Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass & Fly Tying for Largemouth Bass, 2 Dvd Set

By Chris Hansen

A must have for anyone interested in fly fishing for bass or fans of top water bass action. Includes amazing tips for fly fishing & fly tying! 2 DVD SET, 65 & 45 min.


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Spend a day on-the-water with fly fishing author, educator, and guide Chris Hansen chasing largemouth bass with fly gear. In this 65 minute video, Chris teaches you everything you will need to be successful while chasing bass with a fly rod. Chris covers equipment selection, boat setup, casting techniques, and fly presentations. Chris fishes multiple types of cover and shows the viewers what to look for and how to approach each area. The video has over twenty top-water bass strikes and includes super slow-motion replays of the best hits.

Allow fly fishing author, educator, and guide Chris Hansen show you exactly how he ties two of his favorite flies for largemouth bass fishing. “The Cork Popper”, which happens to be Chris’s favorite fly is shown. Also included in the video is the innovative “Inverted Diver”. Chris developed the “Inverted Diver” for fishing heavy cover. Chris has taught thousands of anglers the fine art of fly tying and his knowledge and tying pace allow beginner and expert alike to easily follow along while watching the video.

As a companion to Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass DVD-Volume 1, Fly Tying For Largemouth Bass DVD Volume 1 is a must have for any serious fly angler. Runtime 45 minutes.


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