Fly Fishing Adventures: Bass

By Fly Fishing Adventures with Jim & Kelly Watt

John Eckland & Patty Riley guide you through the joys of floating, camping & fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass. South American, Lake Guri; John Day River, Oregon; & more. 82 min.


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ISBN: 1-932978-65-8

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Binding: DVD

Publish Date: 01/05/2007

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Fly Fishing Adventures is focused on destination fly fishing with a mix of exotic and domestic locations featuring a tantalizing combination of fresh and saltwater species. Experience saltwater big game, bonefish, redfish, sharks, to freshwater dorado, trout, salmon, carp and bass. From Alaska, USA to Tierra de Fuego, Argentina, the fish are the stars, the local guides the experts, and Jim and Kelly Watt go along as the eyes and ears of the viewer. Join Jim and Kelly, and gain a realistic impression of what fly fishing is really like.

Travel to South America and experience the excitement and thrill of fly fishing, including fishing for Peacock Bass in the famous Lake Guri. John Day River…Oregon's longest free flowing river, which snakes it's way through what many refer to as the "Grand Canyon" of Oregon - not only is the scenery spectacular but fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass provides terrific action as well. John Eckland and Patty Riley, guide you through the joys of floating, camping and fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass which make for an unforgettable experience on the John Day. The Amazon Queen...An 85 foot river boat that has been finished into a 3 story floating lodge that moves throughout Brazil searching out the back creeks and lakes for Peacock Bass, Erawana and Piranha. Travel at night and wake up to a new fishing mecca each day with bass tracker boats in tow that enable anglers to explore even deeper into the jungle to cast for the giant Peacocks, sometimes as large as 19 pounds! Also fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Penobscot River, Maine. Eastern most famous for it's Atlantic Salmon fishing - in New Brunswick, Canada other treasures are found as well including Smallmouth Bass.


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