Flutter, Skitter, & Skim: Using the Living Insect As a Guide to Successful Fly Fishing

By Leonard M. Wright, Jr.

Originally pub in 1972 as Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect, this book did something very few fishing books have ever done. It dramatically changed the way fly fishing is practiced. Prior to Wright's book, the gospel had been to cast a dry fly upstream - allowing the fly to dead drift with the current. Wright astutely realized that along with this gospel, one of the most abundant aquatic insects had been left out of the equation - the caddis. These moth-like bugs flutter, skitter, & skim along the surface of a stream as they hatch. Wright explains what these caddis are all about & how to go about developing new tactics that best take advantage of them. 6x9 inches, 188 pgs.


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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 15/03/2001

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This is the book that revolutionized the way fly fishing is done. Originally written in 1972, Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect (now Flutter, Skitter and Skim: Using the Living Insect as a Guide to Successful Fly Fishing) changed the method of fly fishing from one of casting the fly upstream and allowing it to "dead drift" with the current to including tactics that recreate the movement of an abundant aquatic insect-the caddis. Wright explains the behavior of the caddis and the best tactics to take advantage of them.

"Though retitled, this is the original text, full of fishing and fly-tying advice and a deep appreciation of time spent beside swift streams and placid pools." — Greenville News

"Although the book is about a then-revolutionary technique, there is more to the book than that which is why it is still of interest and worth reading. For example, the chapter 'The Track of The Trout' shows 'how rise-forms can often play a key part in helping you select the correct fly and make the appropriate presentation.'" —Terry Lawton, Fish & Fly (UK)

Leonard M. Wright Jr. was born in Boston but caught his first trout in Wyoming at age six. His articles have appeared in Esquire, Field & Stream, and American Sportsman. He now lives in upstate New York in the summers and in Islamorada, Florida in the winters.

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