Fishing in Grayling Paradise

A very good read if you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic or enjoy reading fly fishing stories about other interesting places. 50 pgs.


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The introduction to this book starts with the following paragraph "I have written many articles about the Warm Vltava river over the past ten years with detailed descriptions of particular streams and pools. Such descriptions would take too much space in this book and have not been included. The aim of this description is to capture the state of the river and its fish population at the turn of the millennium. I hope to provide the next generation of fly fishermen with the information with which to compare the later changes. All of the stories which were written between 2001 and 2010 relate to a 17,5km long section of the Warm Vltava, from its confluence with the Grassy Vltava in Lenora to its confluence with the Cold Vltava near a secluded dwelling in Smolna Pec"

This book is a compilation of fly fishing stories, anecdotes about the area, and its people, Karel's fishing friends and their excursions on this section of the river. It is translated from Czech to English, and there are a couple of errors, and sometimes, some of the idioms have been directly translated, which some might not enjoy. But I enjoyed it, as it gives you "insight" in the local customs and traditions.

Having fished the stretch of river with Karel Krivanec, I might be biased about the book, but a good fishing story is a good fishing story. You can experience the changing seasons and fishing conditions with Karel, the dog in Dobra village, that attacks speeding cars, as each story is told. The book have lovely photos of the area, flies and grayling from the river.


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