Fisherman's Spring

By Roderick L. Haig-Brown

One of the most prolific fly-fishing writers of the twentieth century, Roderick L. Haig-Brown continues his “seasons” cycle with this book that is as much about the deep philosophical aspects of fly fishing as it is about fly fishing itself. 224 pgs.


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Publish Date: 03/03/2014

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Readers will learn about the abundance of spring life in the streams of British Columbia while also being treated to Haig-Brown’s thoughtful musings and ideas about the rewards of fly fishing streams. Chapters readers will encounter include:

Spring Defined
Early Cutthroat Lakes
Fly Types
The Secret Life
Fishing and the Common Man
On Wading
Fishermen and Forestry
Fishing and Milkmaids
The Forecast
Recognizing Birds
Putting Fish Back
A Boy and a Fish Pole
And many more

Discover within these pages how fly fishing can enrich life and bring joy to every fisher. Both novices and experts alike will find a wealth of knowledge in Fisherman’s Spring.

About the Author:
Roderick L. Haig-Brown
(1908–1976) was a conservationist and well-known Canadian writer. He was born in England and found his way to British Columbia as a youth. He spent much of his life fishing rivers around the world and writing about his experiences, and in 1953 he received an honorary doctor of laws (LLD) from the University of British Columbia. He is also the author of Fisherman’s Fall, Fisherman’s Summer, and Fisherman’s Winter. He is now deceased.

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