Finding Trout

By Tony Ritchie

Relevant to all Australian trout areas; this book is highly relevant to everyone who fishes for trout by any method. Full color photos; 82 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-86513-064-8

EAN: 978-1-86513-064-4

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 14/06/2005

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Tony Ritchie's lifetime accumulation of hard-won, hands-on knowledge & experience place him beyond peer among Australian trout fishers. Yet he has never sought the limelight: even his Tasmanian newspaper column is written under the modest nom-de-pume 'Brown Dun'.

Tony's first book Finding Feeding Trout was publsihed in 1994 as a modestly produced 40-page paperback which made no song-and-dance about itself. those who bought it soon discovered that it was an absolute gold nugget-by any standards one of Australia's most useful and important works in this field. But by the time the word finally got around to everyone who wanted to read the book, it was out of print.

Over the ensuing ten years Tony has continued to fish, to learn and to write. Finding Trout is pure gold. It covers a lifetime of observations and understanding of the details that Tony has used to find trout. This book is arguably the best yet put together on the subject. The chapters cover the importance of 'drift', the various categories of trout food, trout flies, trout senses, the imperatives of shelter, temperature & oxygen, and a host of other general & local factors. They are relevant to all Australian trout areas and although Tony has long been a flyfisher, his book is highly relevant to everyone who fishes for trout by any method.

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