Colorado Trout Flies: Great Patterns and the Remarkable People Who Tie Them

By Todd Hosman

The East Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is home to an extraordinary concentration of accomplished fly tyers. Profiling 34 of them, including professional tyers, fly-fishing guides & writers; details 68 great fly patterns with color photos & recipes. 80 Color & 100 B&W photos; 7x10 inches, 332 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-615-16243-6

EAN: 978-0-615-16243-0

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 01/07/2008

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Colorado Trout Flies : Great patterns and the remarkable people who tie them
Featuring more than 30 of Colorado's best fly tyers, fly-fishing guides and writers. Introduction by Ed Engle.

A portion of the proceeds from this book's sales will be donated to The Nature Conservancy and Colorado Trout Unlimited.

The East Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is home to an extraordinary concentration of accomplished fly tyers, perhaps more than anywhere in the world. Colorado Trout Flies profiles 34 of them, including professional tyers, fly-fishing guides and writers. The book also details 68 great fly patterns (with color photos and recipes) as crafted by the featured tyers.

Based on the author's extensive interviews and research, Colorado Trout Flies brings the reader into the fly tyer's world of tradition and innovation; of imitation and imagination.

For fly anglers and tyers, Colorado Trout Flies presents a unique and invaluable reference. Everyone can savor the book's insights into a remarkable group of people and the beautifully functional objects they create.

The book features the following 34 tyers and their work:
Marty Bartholomew, Brad Befus, A.K. Best, John Betts, Kirk Bien, Bob Bush, Jim Cannon, Phil Cavendor, Rim Chung, Ken Clark, Charlie Craven, Pat Dorsey, Ed Engle, John Gierach, Ken Iwamasa, Larry Jurgens, Stuart Katz, Rob Kolanda, Jason Owens, Mike Price, Julie Ray, Mark Rayman, Al Ritt, Brian Schmidt, Chris Schrantz, Greg Sheets, Dennis Smith, Jon Spiegel, Shane Stalcup, Rick Takahashi, Mike Tucker, Charlie Vestal, Gordon Wickstrom, Vince Wilcox

Each of the book's 34 tyers presents two favorite patterns (typically a dry fly and non-dry fly). In all, the book documents 68 fly designs, with accurate recipes and both color and B&W photos.
AC Pupa, APD, Ausable Wulff, Befus Parachute Emerger, Befus Wired Stone, Ben's Emerger, Blue Quail Caddis, Bob's Winter Midge, Brian's Black Nose Dace, BWO Biot Emerger, Caddis Pupa, Callibaetis Periscope Cripple, Cannon's Bunny Dun, Caribou Captain, CDC Cadiz, CDC Comparadun, CDC Damselfly, Charlie Boy Hopper, Crumpled Midge, Dorsey's Limeade, Dorsey's Red Mercury PT, Dry Emerger, Dun, Entrée Leech, Flashwing WD-41, Green Drake Nymph, Hare's Ear Parachute, Hunter's Fly, Iwamasa Dun, JB Midge, JS Hopper, Jujubee Midge, Kirk's Yellow Stimulator, Kolanda Cranefly, Lipstick Midge Emerger, Little White Wing, Major Pitcher, Micro Caddis V1265, Micro Soft Hackle, Miracle Midge, Mister Clean, Modified X-Caddis, Mother's Midge, Muddler Minnow, Pale Evening Dun Emerger, Parachute Baetis, Pink Lady, Platte River Spider, Plebby, PMD Nymph, Prospector, Pterodactyl, Red Quill Parachute, Red Quill Spinner, Ritt's Harey Yellow Stone, Ritt's Simple Stone, RS2, Snoball Beetle, Snowshoe Midge Emerger, Tak's Go2 Prince, Tak's Paintbrush Emerger, The Fly, Thinsparent Scud, Tucker's Dry Fly, Tucker's Scud, Wilcox's Foam Sally, Wilcox's Pheasant Superman, Z-Merger

Todd Hosman
lives near Longmont, Colorado. A professional writer and veteran fishing guide, he is also the author of two best-selling guidebooks: Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park and Fly Fishing Colorado's Front Range (Streamside Press).

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