California Fishing: the Complete Guide to Lakes, Streams, Rivers, & Coasts, 9th Edition

By Tom Stienstra

Angling legend Tom Stienstra casts a line t/out the Golden State, providing an essential guide for all abilities, beginners & masters! 2000 locations, B&W photos & maps; 6x8 inches, 696pgs.


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Acclaimed outdoors author and experienced fisherman Tom Stienstra knows the best fishing spots in the Golden State, from the crystal-clear lakes dotting the Sierra Nevada to the open waters located just off the coast of San Francisco. Offering detailed descriptions of more than 2,000 fishing locations and including more than 70 pages of fishing tips and advice, Moon California Fishing leads both beginner and expert anglers to the best lakes, rivers, and coasts that the state has to offer. Complete with helpful regional maps as well as directions and ratings for each location, Moon California Fishing provides all the necessary tools to head outdoors.* Reveals California's best fishing spots, from trout-filled lakes in the Trinity Alps to deep-water reefs off Huntington Beach

* Includes ratings for each area's quality & quantity of fish, as well as current information on facilities, fees, & regulations

* Profiles California's top sport fish, complete with habitat & behavior descriptions and suggestions for tackle, rigging, & approach

* Contains helpful icons, detailed maps, precise driving directions, & online references for easy planning & booking

"This epic paperback is the best book available on California fishing." --San Jose Mercury News

Tom Stienstra
, a California native, knows fishing. A four-time California Outdoor Writer of the Year and angling legend, he'll lead you to the best fishing holes in the state. Included are ratings of each area, current information on facilities and fees, profiles of top sport fish. He lives in Weed, California.


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