Boating Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Sportfishing

By Leonard H. Rudow

Do better with baits, turn tides and currents to your advantage, get the right tackle, and catch more and bigger fish! 90 illustrations; 8x9 inches, 136 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-07-058039-1

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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 01/08/1998

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Sharpen your hooks and your skills as an angler with Ultimate Sprotfishing. Angling wizard Lenny Rudow gives serious anglers the expert's lowdown on stalking their elusive prey. Do better with baits...turn tides and currents to your advantage...get the right tackle...and catch more and bigger fish.

Cast your eyes right here to catch more - and bigger - fish...your very next time out! Stop wasting time with baits that won't work,casting the wrong lures where the fish were yesterday, and watching others land the big ones. Lenny Rudow has already spent frustrating years and countless dollars doing this research on your behalf, and now he gladly shares everything he's learned in Boating Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Sportfishing. In addition to his veteran's analysis of the actions and attitudes underlying successful fishing, the author names names - which brands he loves, which he avoids, and why - in his frank and informative assessment of the exotic inventory of gear available to today's angler: Fishing for "whatever bites": a formula for failure. Turning the tide to your advantage. Landing more of what you hook. 3 things to toss from your tackle box (but hold the soap!)where to find bait that can't fail. Color-coordinating lures, spinningreels, baitcasters, and (ugh!) spincasters. Rods with backbone (and how to spot them). Reading between the lines: Monofilaments, superbraids, and gel-spun poly. Fishing etiquette. Plus: Expert secrets revealed for the first time! You'll use what you learn here no matter what you fish for, in salt water or fresh water, from boat orshore. Whether you're just getting hooked on the sport or are an old hand at taking the limit, this illustrated guide will bring you more strikes and bigger catches.


•Fundamental Tactics for the Successful Angler.
•Get Better with Baits.
•Artificial Lures.
•Top Techniques.
•Fishing Lines.
•Rods and Reels.
•Other Equipment Every Angler Should Have.
•How to Fight Fish and Release Them Unharmed.
•Turning Tides and Currents to Your Advantage.
•Fishing Etiquette.
•Lenny's Favorite Semisecret Rigs for Catching the Most and the Biggest.

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