Black Bass

By John Alden Knight

Originally published in 1949, this title enforces the idea that enjoying a sport to its fullest is only possible when one also understands every aspect of the sport, from its inception to its technicalities & everything in between. 224 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-62914-167-4

EAN: 978-1-62914-167-1

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 04/08/2014

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In Black Bass, Knight offers everything fishermen need to know about smallmouth and largemouth bass. He focuses on both equally, as he believed neither is the more superior group. Readers will learn about the life cycles, characteristics, behaviors, diets, and feeding habits of both types of bass. Understanding where and how these fish exist will help aspiring and novice fishermen with the next step: catching them.

The second half of Knight’s book provides readers with various methods of securing bass while on the water. Chapters are devoted to rods, reels, lines and leaders, lures, and incidental equipment, as well as specific techniques fishermen can use and the advantages and proper handling of each.

Black Bass is an entertaining and informative book for bass fishermen everywhere and represents a lifetime of study and fishing in many sections of the United States.

About the Author:
John Alden Knight
was the author of Modern Fly Casting and The Theory and Technique of Fresh Water Angling. He is credited for creating the solunar theory, which states that fish and animals move according to the location of the moon in comparison to their bodies. Knight believed that understanding the solunar theory would help outdoorsmen improve their fishing and hunting. He passed away in 1966 in Islamorada, Florida.

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