Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas 10th Edition

By Benchmark Maps

These maps show 3-D topography using natural earth colors and shaded relief to represent land forms. They are extremely visual and so easy to interpret that you instantly recognize the lay of the land. All major roads and most drivable back roads are shown (most classified by surface). Rivers and lakes, other important features and GPS grids are shown. The Recreation Guides show boating areas with launch ramps, campgrounds and RV parks with amenity information and phone numbers. Full color, indexed; 11x15.5 inches, 111 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-929591-18-6

EAN: 978-0-929591-18-6

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 01/11/2018

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The Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas was revised in the summer of 2001. Many new roads were added and the Benchmark Field Team drove thousands of miles to update road and recreation information. The third edition includes five new National Monuments, updating and rechecking of recreation data, new web addresses, and new road information.

The Atlas has two main sections: landscape maps and public lands maps. Thirty pages of beautiful Landscape Maps™ show the physical landscape and roads on a unique elevation-tinted, shaded-relief base (1" = 6.5 miles or 1:400,000 scale). Each landscape page has generous overlap with adjoining pages and latitude and longitude grids for use with GPS receivers. Roads are classified by importance--from Interstate highways to rough dirt roads--and all populated settlements and locales are shown. Another thirty pages show public lands in an easy-to-read color format at the same 1" = 6.5 miles. Public lands shown include national forests, parks, BLM lands, Indian Reservations, and military lands.

The Atlas also contains twelve pages of metro maps covering Phoenix and Tucson down to arterial street level. Regional maps, an index of place names, and a ten page Recreation Resource Guide complete the Atlas.

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